Office Policies

Clinical Touch Massage Office Policies

Initial Appointments may be set online to be approved after a phone call.
Appointments with therapeutic goals are set on time table determined by therapist.
Maintenance appointments are scheduled online by clients as needed.
Same day appointments should not be expected.
Online schedule locks out 2 days in advance.
Please call if you feel need an “emergency” appointment.
Clients are expected to be ON TIME for their appointments,
we schedule time between appointments so that clients don’t run into one another,
if you are excessively early or late that can cause issues with other clients.

Cancellations should be made more than 24 hours in advance of scheduled appointment
Cancellations not made more than 24 hours in advance may incur a re-booking fee (1/2 rate)
A non-fee Cancellation is given anytime that the client shows signs of a cold or flu
Clients who are a “no-show” for their appointment will lose online booking privileges.
Is expected at time of service, we accept cash, check, or major credit card thru SQUARE
SQUARE provides a written receipt to the client’s email, other receipts may incur a cost.
If you intend to pay by check, please have it made out in advance to Clinical Touch.
Initial Appointments include a $10.00 up-charge for the additional time taken for assessment.
Draping and Undressing:
All therapeutic treatments can be administered with the client dressed in sports attire.
If you remove clothing from private areas, you will be draped during the entire massage.
If treatment indicates, or mobility issues cause momentary exposure a client may be asked to sign an informed consent document.
Notes and Records
Each session will begin with a question regarding events since last treatment.
Information regarding new medications/diagnosis’s are recorded.
Information regarding last treatment goals/results and new complaints are recorded.
Client is expected to sign this form each and every visit.
Background noise
Clinical Touch operates in an office building where sound carries,
to help diffuse specific words or phrases CTM will keep some background music playing.
Please inform your therapist if you wear hearing aids as some sound tracks can cause issues.
If you goal is relaxation, make an effort to schedule on days where our office is open later.
Therapeutic goals require communication with therapist for: sensations being felt, informed consent, and participation in treatment.
To maintain the session gains, we may advise you to participate in your wellbeing by performing homework. This homework is not a prescriptive, but intended to be done without pain or provocation of symptoms.
Referral Program
We appreciate your positive comments on Google +, Angie’s List, Yelp and others and we reward those clients who help us spread the message of what we do. Please feel free to inquire if our referral program is not clear to you.
Part of your record is a picture we take in the office. That picture should show up when you contact us. To the best of our knowledge this picture is not shared and is taken on the 2nd appointment, so we can confirm you are a client.